What is CoinLists - What does it do?

COINLISTS.NET is a professional and globally recognized cryptocurrency listings platform and ranking site that empowers newly created cryptocurrency projects.

Our platform allows projects in various sectors such as DeFi, metaverse, NFTs, and meme projects etc to list and gain exposure through community votes, enabling them to reach targeted cryptocurrency investors worldwide before being listed on renowned platforms like coinmarketcap and major exchanges like Binance.

With thousands of investors actively using our platform daily, Coinlists.net offers immense potential for your project to flourish while being listed.

Our platform serves as a hub for investors seeking new and promising projects to invest in, making it an ideal platform for your project to gain visibility and attract potential investors.

The Team at Coinlists

To ensure the smooth operations of Coinlists.net, our company consists of a dedicated team including a CEO, analysts, platform development experts, listings administrators, press writers and editors, researchers, social media management professionals, and more.

This diverse team collaborates to deliver seamless services and uphold the high standards that Coinlists.net is known for.

Funding & Sustainability

While we offer free listings, we sustain the platform through various means.

COINLISTS is supported by the community through paid banner promotions, featured coin sections, and paid articles in our blog & news section.

These revenue streams ensure the continuous development and enhancement of our platform, enabling us to add more features that assist listed projects in gaining a competitive edge and staying ahead in the market.


One of the key aspects that sets Coinlists.net apart is our commitment to providing a FREE LISTING service. We firmly believe that projects should not be charged for listing on our platform.

Beware of any entity attempting to charge for listing onto our platform, as they are likely scammers.

Rest assured, listing on Coinlists.net is completely free of charge for projects.

Word From The Company

At Coinlists.net, we are passionate about supporting the growth and success of cryptocurrency projects, and we are honored to serve as a reliable platform for both projects and investors. Join us today and leverage the power of Coinlists.net to propel your project towards new heights in the cryptocurrency industry.


As a company, the donations contract address, is conveniently located in the footer of our website. While we don't physically handle these donations on a daily basis, we regularly monitor the incoming contributions.

These donations play a crucial role in supporting the continuous development of our platform with new features and functionalities, catering to the needs of crypto enthusiasts and project developers. By investing in the growth of our platform, we strive to provide a better experience for our users and contribute to the advancement of the crypto community as a whole

To the community, we believe in using a portion of these donations to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate. We actively collaborate with various charitable organizations to extend our support to those in need. By directing some of these funds towards charitable initiatives, we aim to bring about meaningful change and improve the lives of individuals and communities.

Your contributions enable us to make a difference in the world around us. We are grateful for your generosity and the trust you place in us to responsibly distribute these donations.

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