Coinlists Token Creator

Create your own ERC-20/ BEP-20 token easy! Your affordable daily token creator.

🔥 Create for just 0.07 bnb / 0.008 Eth

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We strongly recommend you ensure token is working fine without any issues before renouncing ownership.

NOTE: Recomended way to create token is to copy and paste 👉 into metamask app browser for convinient connection

It is completely safe connection. Never share your private key with anyone.

📢 Please use desktop mode to view the form conviniently



Add Token to Metamask

Please fill out the form completely。

PLEASE Get in touch with us 24/7 assistance should you experience any difficulties.

Note, contracts created are not source code auto verified on scan, hence you will need to verify manually if you need to. However, once you create a token, its ready to trade. we do not offer assistance on that at the moment, we are looking forward to implement auto verify on bsc , etherscan soon.